About Us

Corporate Information

The 1980s saw the emergence of the deadly AIDS (or Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome) disease which was spread by a virus (HIV) via contact with blood, semen, saliva and other body fluids. This prompted the wide-scale use and sudden huge demand for protective devices like rubber gloves and condoms to prevent such transmissions. Mr Tan Swee Hua established GETAHINDUS (M) SDN BHD in 1988 to produce natural rubber (NR) latex concentrate, the raw material used to make these rubber devices. From its humble starting factory in Tangkak, Getahindus gradually expanded its operations over the years and steadily increased its portfolio of products to its present large variety of Prevulcanised (PV) and Specialty latices.

Today, Getahindus is well recognised as a reputable and reliable supplier of many types of high quality NR latices that cater to a wide spectrum of applications for different industries. Its current latex production capacity averages around 3000MT (wet) per month, but can be expanded at short notice. Getahindus’ customers today span across the whole globe, ranging from various countries in Europe to America and from China to Australia.

The present technical staff of Getahindus comprise of a team of young chemists and latex technologists who work diligently under the guidance of a matured group of experienced and knowledgeable professionals. A lot of emphasis is given by the Company to obtain the highest consistency and quality in its products, as reflected by its current MS ISO 9001:2015 certified company status. In order to fulfill this objective, the quality of all raw materials such as the initial field latex (obtained at the tapping stage) and chemicals supplied by vendors are thoroughly checked before use.

More recently in early 2017, as part of its CSR (or Corporate Social Responsibilities) initiatives, Getahindus received the ISO 14001 certification for Environmental Management System (or EMS), and OHSAS 18001 award for Occupational Health and Safety Management System (OHSMS) after implementing them in its factory.

Our Milestones

2017: Received ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certificates
2016: Certification upgraded to MS ISO 9001:2015
2013: Celebrated 25th Anniversary of GETAHINDUS on 22nd August
2009: Certification upgraded to MS ISO 9001:2008
2006: Paper titled “Special Natural Rubber Latices for Novel Applications” presented by Mr Tan Swee Hua and Mr Lau Chee Mun at RAPRA Technology Conference held in Frankfurt
2003: “DPL technology transfer agreement” signed between LGM and GETAHINDUS
2002: Paper titled “Low Protein Latex for Dipped Goods” presented by Mr Tan Swee Hua at RAPRA Technology Conference held in Berlin (co-authors : Lim Beng Thye, Mok Long Siang, Shum Kwok Chue & Zainoddin)
2002: FDA approval for Loprotex LPX
2001: Certification upgraded to MS ISO 9001:2000
1995: Received MS ISO 9002 certificate
1994: GETAHINDUS acquired next lot land
1988: Establishment of GETAHINDUS (M) SDN BHD

Mission & Vision


To develop and grow Pre-vulcanized Latex, Specialty compounds and modified latices for various applications worldwide.
To continuously automate and improve our process to achieve consistent product quality and cost efficiency


To be the most innovative products and service provider in the field of Elastomers, Blending technology and quality to enable customers to achieve unsurpassed performance in using our products.

Business Core Values

Our Emphasis and Focus Are:

Customer Centric – We strive to focus on giving our customers a positive experience by formulating latex compound most suited for their production.

Efficiency – We always strive to accomplish the tasks given by our customers within a given timeline.

Innovation Centric – We continuously research into new formulation and new latices so to enable our customer to produce new products.

Sustainable – We are always conscious of our role to ensure and maintain the sustainability of the natural rubber value chain.

Quality Consistency – We always ensure that our products are of the highest quality and consistency as well as meet the quality standards listed in Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).

Reliability – We always make sure that our customer can rely on our quality of product.

Honesty – We always ensure that we are completely transparent to all our customers by not hiding things or disclosing false information.

Integrity – We always follow good moral principles and are guided by our integrity pledge as outlined in Getahindus Employee HandBook.