Sustainability Initiatives

Corporate Social Responsibility

We always fulfill our corporate social responsibility towards the environment and the society:

Towards Environment

We take our responsibility seriously to protect the environment.
We prevent our manufacturing processes from polluting the air and river water.
We always produce goods that are environmental-friendly, and which will have minimal or zero harm on the environment.
We strive to observe and follow the rules required in the production of various rubber & latex products, at least up to a certain standard that is recognizable internationally, such as by the ISO (International Organization for Standardization).
We will ensure that all the wastes created during the manufacturing process that cannot be re-used or recycled are disposed off or minimized in an acceptable manner.
We always fulfill all the international laws which are needed to protect the environment from destruction.

Towards Society

We are always careful on the safety and health of our employees and to society at large.
We take great care and responsibility for our employees by providing them with the desired safety services that include first-aid training by professionals and supplying first-aid kits on-site that are filled with the necessary medical items.
We make sure that our products that will be sold and end up in society are food-friendly and pure, particularly the end-products like can sealants and baby soothers.
We always ensure that our latex which will be sold to the public is not contaminated in any way as to endanger the safety and health of the public.
We strictly prohibit the use of child labour.
We will make donations to various charitable organizations as and when needed periodically.

Quality, Environmental, Safety & Health (QESH) Policy

Our QESH Policy has been formulated in line with the 4 initials representing our Company’s name, G.I.S.B, as follows:

1) Global leader with commitment to offering quality products & services to ensure Customer satisfaction.
2) Insist and commit to prevent ESH incidents and protection of the environment, comply to all related Acts, regulations and obligations of interested parties.
3) Strive for a Green initiative by conserving resources, reducing wastage and preventing pollution to the environment.
4) Build a competent and industrious workforce for continuous improvement.

Key objectives of GETAHINDUS:

Complete Customer satisfaction
Zero ESH incidents
Full Compliance to applicable legal & other requirements

All departments shall establish Key Performance Indices (KPI) in line with this QESH Policy.


Certifications Achieved :

ContiKit Supplier Award 2016

ISO 9001:2015 (2018-2021)

ISO 14001:2015 (2017-2020)

OHSAS 18001:2007 (2017-2020)


Facilities in our Factory :

i. Automatic Centrifugal Disc-Cleaning Unit

ii. New Westphalia LTC 200 Centrifuges

iii. Deionized Water Production System

iv. Horizontal Chemical Dispersion Mill

v. Ammonia Detector

R&D Laboratory :

i. Automatic Condom Bursting Volume/Bursting Pressure tester

ii. Extractable Protein Determination Machine

iii. Laboratory Basket Mill for Chemical Dispersions

iv. Laboratory Condom Dipping Machine

v. Laboratory Glove and Balloon Dipping Machine

vi. MST Machines

vii. Particle Size Analyzer

vii. Tensile-testing Machine